This is one of the latest CD’s I picked up. I’ve never worried about being let down by Zakk and BLS, so it’s always a given.

Considering that I already had all of the tracks, minus the acoustic versions of Spoke In The Wheel, The Blessed Hellride, and the new (I believe) Instrumental Intro, I was a little apprehensive I have to say, though. I didn’t want to go for it for just a few tracks, and I rarely EVER do, but I’m die-hard BLS and had to, especially since I love Hellride and Spoke.

If you haven’t heard much BLS and are looking to give them a shot, this is a MUST. This is by all means a greatest hits, though like most greatest hits, it misses a few others that I’d throw in there.


But you absolutely won’t be let down if you’re into solo-ridden, pinch-harmonic, deep-chug, souther-esque groove. The tracks that did make it to this compilation are AMAZING. Zakk gets about as heavy as you can, can rip your soul to pieces with his shredding, and can even move you with songs such as Spoke and In This River.

The acoustic versions of his songs that are on here are, for lack of better, bad-ass!

Spoke In The Wheel is an amazing song anyway, but he sings it much, MUCH better on this album. The guitar is in there to the tee, he has a guy doing backup rhythm for him allowing him to do what he does best, so it replicates the album version perfectly with better vocals and some his awesome improv acousti-shred.

01. Machine Gun Man
02. Dead As Yesterday
03. All For You
04. 13 Years Of Grief
05. Bleed For Me
06. Doomsday Jesus
07. Stillborn
08. Won’t Find It Here
09. Suicide Messiah
10. In This River
11. Fire It Up
12. New Religion
13. Instrumental Intro (acoustic)
14. The Blessed Hellride (acoustic)
15. Spoke In The Wheel (acoustic)
16. Stillborn (acoustic version)