Tis the season to give to the ones we love, to be thankful for all that we have and to spend some of that rare time off playing video games. Naturally, it being the time of year for buying things for others, there are huge sales on about all kinds of games. Which ones do we want to invest our time playing? Aha, see? There’s a purpose to this!

We’re going to go in the digital direction because you won’t need to rush around to get to any online stores before they close. Why? Because, well, they don’t close. How fun is that? Without further ado, here is Broforce!

Oh you glorious game you, why aren’t there so many more of you out there? Well, there is another one… it’s actually a free version that’s not quite as indepth or feature-filled but offers a nice chunk of playability called ‘The Expendabros’. If you’re completely unfamiliar with these games, it’s extremely reminiscent of Metal Slug but I’ve had more fun with it personally.

The game is still in it’s early access stage over at Steam but don’t let that put you off, what is there works and is one hell of a good time. It’s actually fairly long already and they update very regularly, I’m talking at least weekly as far as I’ve been noticing and often more. There’s a campaign mode, an arcade mode, explosion run, deathmatch mode (multiplayer) and custom mode where you can play user created levels. There’s a very intricate creation suite inside the game that might take you a while to get the hang of but allows you to create whatever you want, however you want. I play the user levels nearly daily and they never fail to throw out a nice challenge.


The boss battles are fairly tough, they take lots of pushing through at times. They aren’t so much what I’d call frustrating as they are just difficult to better. You play as random characters every time you fire up the game and go in, there are a lot of unlockable bros and all of them familiar faces. Ash Brolliams from the Evil Dead, Rambro, Brommando, Brobocop, etc. The hilarious names are only part of what makes them interesting though, they all come with weapons you’ll recognize from their movies and super sweet special weapons.

Here’s a list of the bros: http://broforce.wikia.com/wiki/Bros

Again, don’t let the early access subtitle throw you off the trail of this slaughter-fest, you’d be depriving yourself! It’s on sale currently over at Steam, drop over and check for yourself the slew of positive reviews!



And here is the free version I spoke of, The Expendabros: