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    What are some of your favorite paranormal shows? Including both those on television and even YouTube.

    There’s no way I could begin this discussion without mentioning Unsolved Mysteries. I know it’s not 100% paranormal as they had a lot of missing person and murder cases, but they covered a lot of UFO and haunting material when they could. The theme song itself would keep me up at night when I was a kid, along with Robert Stacks chilling delivery.

    What are some of your favorites?


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    Definitely Unsolved Mysteries paved the way for my terror as a child and probably why I crave the stuff now. So many seem sketchy to me but I’m open-minded and will entertain any of them. Ghost Hunters was a favorite of mine. I absolutely loved the first 3 or 4 seasons. Paranormal Witness is probably my most recent love of the 2000’s. I also enjoy The Haunted, A Haunting and Ancient Aliens (if that counts).

    And, of course…

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