From Director Michael Segal, under the management of Permanent Memories Productions, comes the story of a ship destroyed and nearly forgotten.

During the 1930’s, a ship set sail on the Mediterranean Sea, hoping to miss the Germans and Italians, headed toward the Vatican City carrying the daughters of the Norwegian sea god, Aegir. Leaving in secrecy against the odds, a sinister fire ravages it leaving only legends behind of the ship they call MIORGAROSORMR. Believed to be guarded by a mythical Celtic creature, the lives of two divers who find the buried ship are about to change forever.

The story revolves around Mike (Segal), fearless yet comically crude, Kevin (Roberto D’Antona), a diving center’s calmest and most cautious staff member, Lisa (Flavia Sabatino), and an enigmatic sea-man with one eye named Hooper (David White).

Dark Blue is filmed on board of a real sunken ship at Isola D’Elba and challenges destiny, presenting a captivating story and unusual shots for the indie market. It is the first film directed by Segal with the precious help of the award winner Simone Modugno, documentary director and camera operator on the surface, underwater and drone pilot.

The movie will be present at the AFM, then at the Toronto Film Market and Berlin. You can keep up with all the latest here and on their Facebook page: