A while ago, we declared our undying love for the Friday the 13th series and how we’ve always desired a game other than the NES gem starring purple Jason. For that, and more information, head over here…

With that out of the way, I felt I should finally update the status of what’s happening with the game since Fall has come and gone. While we’re not heading to Camp Blood/Camp Crystal Lake just yet to slash counselors as our favorite masked drowning victim, Jason Voorhees, we’ve much to look forward to I believe.

The game is still coming, in fact, it’s being played right this minute by some streamers and backers that they’ve released beta copies to. There is much good news to go with that; everyone seems to enjoy it!

Now, for why it was held back.¬†They’ve been at work on a single player mode, which should be a great addition. Many other things will undoubtedly get added and updated as they work on all modes as well.

Many folks, myself included, are big into the single player modes in games. And, more time to develop should mean a better experience as well.