In a gamer’s world, there’s always something to be played. Especially these days, there are more games than you can fit in a year when you consider all the consoles, handhelds and PC. Still, with so much variety and so many options, something has been missing from this gamer’s life for a very long time. And I’m quite certain, the lives of others as well.

Not only did I spend way too much time playing Nintendo and Sega Genesis, I also spent every other weekend minute that I could stay up later than my parents watching horror movies. Slashers mostly. Jason Voorhees was, without question, the most terrifying, beloved killer of the bunch for me as a blossoming little person. Blossoming? Eh, I’m trying to branch out with word use here.

Wow, this is going to be great!

Enter Friday the 13th for the Nintendo! Could it be? What are the odds that I could play as Jason himself and wreak some havoc? Hey, even if that isn’t possible, at least trying to survive should be great, right?

You know what? I did really like the game. For all of the faults, for all the discoloration and complete lack of series authenticity (throwing rocks at mud zombies?), I had fun because I got to try to catch and kill the notorious Jason Voorhees! It was extremely difficult, the map felt backwards and the counselors were weak but I just figured finding him, saving lives and defeating him should be difficult. I beat it twice.

But it wasn’t very good in actuality, was it? It was sort of a trainwreck, honestly. I kept dreaming, though, never giving up hope for a game where I could actually BE the slasher himself and maybe even be the survivor as well. Though as the years went by, that hope sort of started to dwindle.

No, no, giver-upper of hope! Enter Friday the 13th: The Game (PC/Xbox One/PS4)! This is what it’s all about, kiddies, this is where those dreams come true! Like a Disney flick where the prince lays his lips on the princess for the very first time… pucker up, Jason has come for us all! Finally, thanks to Gun Media and some familiar faces, it’s all coming true very soon! You and I get to walk the wooded trails of Camp Crystal Lake.

This Fall (2016), Jason freakin’ Voorhees returns to his neck of the woods, Camp Crystal Lake, for what will be a bloodbath that is finally in the hands of fans! The creators have gone to great lengths to capture Jason in multiple film renditions, all of them incredibly realistic and in-depth. The detail really is pretty staggering if you take the time to look them over. If the atmosphere is right, there will be no end to how much time I personally invest into this game.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the demo that’s circulating (though I’d absolutely LOVE to), but I did check out a stream and I’m extremely impressed!

I absolutely plan to do another write up once I’ve gotten to experience the game for myself, whenever that may be, but for now I want to thank the folks behind the game because you can see that they truly do care about what we want and they want it too. They’re obvious fans who are passionate about what they’re doing and that will end well for us all. Here’s to hoping, also, that it sparks other franchise games to come out in the future. I don’t think anyone would turn away from a Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Halloween game (that aren’t on the Atari), would they? *Hint, hint*

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Video credit to MKIceAndFire1