If you like the almost cheesy and outlandish horror movies that were so abundant in the eighties then this one is right up your alley! From the sick and twisted mind of H.P. Lovecraft comes a story of the most improbable yet intriguing science experiment gone wrong. It’s a classic for movie monster magic.

Starting out you’re introduced to a scientist who is overly obsessed with his latest experiment. He’s created a machine that opens up a whole new world that has been all around each and everyone of us the entire time. A “sixth sense” endusing resonator allows you to see what is “from beyond” and yet close enough to touch. He, unfortunately, gets too close to one of the creatures leaking out from this other dimension and the machine is left in the hands of his live in assistant who has been hospitalized after reporting such a far-fetched story for the death of his superior. One doctor can’t help but want to believe him. She decides to folow him back to the house and see for herself, with a police escort of course (Ken Foree). What they discover is not only more real than they could have ever imagined, but is so addictive that the doctor becomes just as obsessed as the mad scientist, putting all of them in immediate danger.

This movie, for me, was a lot of fun and a lot of gross at the same time. I want you to be completely surprised, as I was, at just what comes from beyond but boy let me tell you, it is monster-gooey-goodness that you’ll never forget. It’s somewhat dated and you can tell in the special effects, but the overall experience lets you forgive that without hesitation. I definitely recommend this one for all horror fans. While you’re at it, check out more from H.P. Lovecraft if you haven’t yet. He’s got a very different style of storytelling that never disappoints.


  • Audio Commentary with writer Denis Paoli
  • Multiple Dimensions – A look at the film’s extensive Make-Up & Creature Effects with Special Effects Creators John Buechler, Anthony Doublin, John Naulin, and Mark Shostrom (20 mins)
  • Paging Dr. McMichaels – An interview with Actress Barbara Crampton (15 mins)
  • A Tortured Soul – An interview with Actor Jeffrey Combs (15 mins)
  • An Empire Production – An interview with Executive Producer Charles Band (5 mins)EXTRAS CARRIED OVER FROM THE MGM 2007 DVD RELEASE:
  • Audio Commentary with director Stuart Gordon and the cast
  • The Director’s Perspective – interview with Stuart Gordon
  • The Editing Room: Lost And Found – Gordon Stuart and MGM restoration team interview
  • Interview with composer Richard Band
  • Storyboard to Film Comparisions with Introduction
  • Two photo galleries