As we discussed on our last show, a haunted house has been listed for sale in Mineral Wells Texas, appropriately known as the Hill House. So, have you ever had the desire to live in an actual haunted house? For the price of $125,000 now you can!

The current owner estimates that there are 9 spirits currently inhabiting the property. Take note that several visitors to the property have reported a feeling of dread and malice while inside the house. One visitor actually became nauseous during her visit and had to flee the property. She stated that she could feel it as soon as she stepped inside, couldn’t stand it for long and would never set foot in there again.

The house is was appraised at 25k, however the owner is hoping that someone with a paranormal interest will take the plunge on the offered price and possibly explore the business possibilities of owning a haunted house. Right now they sell tours and you can even book the house to stay with your friends to conduct some paranormal research. Clearly the paranormal can be made into a lucrative business if done correctly.

If you’d like more pictures of the house and interior, of if you’re perhaps interested in staying there to experience the haunting for yourself, hop over to their website¬† for more information.