Jeremy Todd Morehead

Easter Sunday


easter-sunday-posterRecently I got the chance to talk to Jeremy Todd Morehead of Easter Sunday.

MS: First off, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, it’s a privilege! For our readers out there who aren’t yet familiar with Easter Sunday, tell us about your role in bringing it to life.

JTM: I have had the story for Easter Sunday in my head since I was 17 years old (I’m 29 now). I live in Northern Virginia where there is a urban legend about a Bunny masked psycho who kills kids at the “Bunnyman bridge” in Fairfax VA. I thought that was fascinating. I created my own mythology for it. I did so many different stories and drafts that I continually scrapped until I finally found the one I related to, and liked the most. In 2009 I decided to finally make movies to make my vision a reality. It took quite some time, but I am ecstatically proud of how far we’ve come and where we are now.

MS:What inspired you, maybe there were friends, actors, writers and/or directors in particular that made you want to make a movie?

JTM: When I was 8 or 9 my dad told me to watch this movie called “Tremors” that he thought I would dig. I was fascinated by it. At that moment I put my Star Wars figures down and sought out every horror film I could get my hands on. Freddy Krueger, Angela from Night of the Demons, and Michael Myers were my favorites. I was at a very early age a horror movie fanatic. I owe that to S.S Wilson, Joe Augustyn, Wes Craven, and John Carpenter. I have never been one to believe in bucket lists. I believe in pursuing the things you want to do, even if that dream is to make a cheesy B horror slasher comedy! Haha.

MS:I have watched the first 6 minutes that you released multiple times and there are a few specific details that I want to mention. One is that the opening credits are worth paying attention to. Very professional looking and very reminiscent of 80’s, even a little early 90’s horror to my eyes. From the font down to the eggs in place of O’s, I love it! Your film has a really fun style. Another thing I want to make notice of is the music, fits perfectly and adds a lot of dramatic appeal to what’s happening as it opens up. Was it a long work in progress bringing these elements together or did it fall in place pretty easily?

JTM: Thank you! I am forever grateful for the talented people that I am friends with. As far as the credits and editing is concerned I owe 100% of that to Jared Jamieson. Myself and Jared are in the melodic metal band Madison Apart together. We are actually releasing our next album nationally on a horror record label that I think horror fans will very much appreciate in January 2015.

He is also YouTube famous (literally) for making video game inspired videos. His knowledge of editing and creating is ridiculous! He is a mastermind and I am honored to be friends and collaborate with him in so many different fields

As far as the scoring of the film is concerned , Dave Ferguson is handling that. Dave is one of my best friends and a musical genius! Me and Dave were in a band “The Storyboard” together.

MS: To give us an idea of your background, did you grow up like many of us in the horror field watching movies you were probably too young for, up later than you should be? If so, any particular fond memories that will always keep making movies in your heart?

JTM: I watched horror films any chance I could as a kid. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and going downstairs to see that my Dad was watching “IT” on HBO. I totally watched the whole movie from the doorframe of my basement. I was terrified and thrilled all at the same time. I don’t think I slept that night…. there was probably a clown under my bed. Hahaha.

MS: Where is Easter Sunday headed? What’s the main goal you hope to accomplish? Where and when can our readers see it completely?

JTM: The goal is to find distribution for Easter Sunday and have it released on Easter in 2015. I would like to do several horror conventions and screenings with it as well.

MS: I have to ask, how were Robert Zdar and Edward X Young to not only work with, but just be around? Any fun stories?

JTM: I have the best Robert Z’dar stories ever! Hahaha. The first time I ever spoke to him about participating in the film, I drunk dialed him at 4 in the morning. Needless to say… Robert hung up on me not knowing who the F I was. Hahaha. Myself and Easter Sunday producer Jason Delgado called him the next day at a reasonable hour (and sober). He read the script and quickly agreed to play Sheriff Arkin. Another Z’dar story involves him eating McDonalds on set. Mayo dripped from his sandwich onto his french fries. He made fellow actor Jon McKoy eat the mayo covered fries. It was disgusting, but you don’t tell the maniac cop no when he asks you to do something!

Edward X. Young is an INCREDIBLE actor. He was hilarious and such a pro. I hope to work with Ed again very soon.

MS: We look forward to what the future brings you, horror can never have enough going for it! Any final comments or thoughts you’d like to toss out there?

JTM: Keep an eye out for Easter Sunday in 2015. My film company Northgate Pictures will be announcing our next project in the coming months. If you enjoy your horror over the top, cheesy, and fun… like Easter Sunday on Facebook!


MS: Thanks again for talking to us, we wish you the very best with Easter Sunday and ask that you keep us informed about what’s going on!

For those of you who might not have made it over to the posts I mentioned first, here’s the first 6 minutes!