Little Reaper

Little ReaperIt’s rare on the internet when you come across a video that makes you excited. One will spend most of their time watching laughing babies, Jackass-type stunts and videos of cats running into glass doors. I don’t think any of us intend to spend our weekends that way but it happens.

While browsing around YouTube for a good hour looking for independent shorts for the Halloween movie series, I happened across Little Reaper from Dream Seekers Productions. Don’t go getting confused, it isn’t Halloween related. As much as I do love that series, I can honestly tell you that Little Reaper was a breath of fresh air. Coming fresh out of a mess of bad dialogue and the corny one-liners that were buried within all of those Halloween fan-flicks, it was truly a pleasure to end up where I did.

Little Reaper, in short, is quite remarkable in concept alone. It’s based on Grim and his teenage daughter. Where the real genius comes in is that she’s supposed to be focusing on taking over the family trade; casting death! Like most teens though, she’d clearly rather play Candy Crush or chat on her phone than deal with her Dad and any form of given responsibility.

You’re looking at the world through the eyes of the unpopular Grim Reaper, but the fun part is that you get a different perspective than you’ve ever before. The film begs the question, “who would carry on bringing death, if death himself couldn’t”? It’s honestly hilarious. Though short, it’s incredibly entertaining, well-shot and professional. The video quality is also excellent and the story really is good-natured. It deals with the struggle of communicating with your kids just with that fun twist. I’ll stop there as you should be getting ready to head over to or to watch it now!

Before we do, however, we reached out to the very nice guys over at Dream Seekers Productions about Little Reaper and this is what they had to say:

“I’d long wanted to take on the reaper, but didn’t know how I wanted to approach it so it kind of lounged around in my brain for a year or so until I found the proper inspiration for it.  Inspiration is key for me.  Without it I won’t green light a production.  At any rate, all my films are challenges I set for myself, in preparation for jumping into the feature world.  I push myself so as to gauge where I am vs. where I need to be, etc.  Well, one thing I’d never attempted before was comedy.  It just kind of struck me one evening that this would be a fun avenue to take with the reaper.  The concept behind the film came shortly thereafter.  Once I had it I pumped out the script in a night.  Revisions would follow, of course, but overall I’m a very quick writer/thinker:)  I’d one a lot of heavy gloomy material in the past and with this picture I really wanted to keep things light and just have fun, and the concept for the reaper fell right into that pot.  Whether or not I fully succeeded is another story, but it was a fun experiment with horror that I learned from, as I learn something every time I take on a new film.  We’re all students of the medium until we die, no matter how old or how experienced we are.

After that, the ball started rolling quickly, as it does with all my films.  Once the script is in place, and it’s been given the go ahead, we could literally be shooting within a month or so.  This film took a little longer because it’s the first film that I had almost entirely financed by other producers.  That was nice.  Hope to do it again:)” Peter Dukes – Dream Seekers Productions

Do yourself a favor and watch this short! It doesn’t matter what your favorite genre of film is, I know that you’re going to find something about Little Reaper that you’ll like.

Coming shortly, we’re going to review more of their videos. What you may not know currently is that they have done a lot of them actually. I’ve, personally, watched a handful of them and they’re just as good.

It’s been a pleasure talking to these guys and watching their art in motion, I wish more people would take their formula and make dreams come alive!