This one had me excited since the first time I saw the trailer. I missed the opportunity to see on the big screen but I was definitely not let down to see it in my own home. With all the lights off and a big bowl of popcorn I might add.

As it starts we see a desperate man who has lost all of his sense and hope commit the unthinkable. An attempt at a homicide/suicide on his family. He packs up his daughters and leaves his dead wife to perhaps skip town? Well it’s a terribly snowy route and he and his two precious little girls fly off into a wooded crash. They all live and hike until they come across an abandoned little cottage where he decides to take all of their fates into his own hands, but something residing at the home stops him and protects his girls. We now see his brother, who never found out what happened but never gave up searching, has hired a couple of mountain men to search the area to find anything leading to his brother or his lost nieces. They find the girls in a ferile state of mind and put them in custody of the brother, but their guardian angel has a jealous side and won’t let them go so easily.

This movie is an A+ for me. The acting had me completely involved in the well-being of these little girls raised by a spirit lost to the rest of civilization. I recommend it as a must see for anyone who likes the paranormal genre of horror movies. It’s creepy and tugs at the old heartstrings. It kind of reminds me of The Ring in that you get to have a lot of back story about the haunting demise of the ghost. Almost making you want to root for the eerie ghoul making things so complicated for the loving uncle.

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mamaIt's dark and gloomy, and that's not a bad thing, but it is actually almost a sad movie by the time you finish watching it. There are only a few scenes that feel 'scary', but overall it's a pretty good film. Rent it first.