No more sitting around and waiting to see what happens, we’ve got confirmation that the next Friday the 13th film may finally have a director! Variety

Apparently, Breck Eisner (The Crazies, The Last Witch Hunter) is in talks with Paramount and Platinum Dunes to possibly direct the film which has been struggling to get it’s footing since it’s announcement. While the original ‘reboot’ didn’t do all that well financially and Breck Eisner has already been on for a couple of other projects that didn’t get made, we’ve got hopes that this train keeps running.

I’d like to also mention that the new series based on the franchise is apparently no longer happening. If you had stock in that, put it into the new film, I think it’ll need all the help getting finished that it can get.

Word has is that this will stand apart from the reboot and will feature Jason’s parents. For better or worse, we’ll let you know as more comes in!