How well do you know your house? Have you checked every crevice, every crack, every board? Chances are that you’re not standing above a hidden dungeon, but that doesn’t mean the possibility doesn’t exist. These next two stories we read about over at FEARnet are proof! Both of these stories are true… truly shocking and truly terrifying!

Posted, for reference, over at IMGur.

This is a truly horrifying story of a guy who, after living in his house for a year, happened upon a secret room under the house. As he and his brother were messing around, he pushed his brother into his bookshelf and this is what they found:


Though certainly creepy, it looks harmless enough. So the original owners, who built the house in the early 2000’s, felt they needed a hidden room. It wasn’t uncommon many centuries ago, so why not now? Surely they had a good reason didn’t they? These next few pictures paint a different tale I’m afraid.

What is perhaps the scariest part yet, the candy wrappers were from THIS recent Halloween. Someone has been in there recently, it was enough to put the family on a fairly permanent vacation until they can figure who’s staying there, how they’re getting there and why they’re there at all. It sends chills down my spine. The dolls are very spooky looking but the elephant and they key, which they have no idea what it goes to, are absolutely the most chilling parts of all. Head over to the link we posted earlier and keep track of this shockingly true story!

Story two is of a an individual who moved into a seemingly beautiful apartment. While in extremely good condition, apparently the renovations a few years back may have left some things not-quite-buried. While going through and checking out the entire apartment from top to bottom, he happened across this:



While it may look harmless enough, have a look through the rest of the pictures to see why it isn’t nearly as what one might expect.

The owner says that the hole you’ll see in a picture appears to be ‘freshly-dug’ and that much more exploration needs to go in before any conclusions can be made. To us, the questions of what the ‘dungeon’ was used for is probably about as scary as the truth, which may never be found. The owner also adds that it ‘wasn’t mentioned to him’ during the sale and that it appears to be a ‘crypt’ with an altar.

To follow this story, head over to Imgur again and try to keep up.