11696394_638866876250327_8019793326077951912_oStraight from the source:

“We just revealed the following upcoming Scream Factory blu-ray releases at our Comic Con panel this evening. Here’s the exciting line-up:

1. WOMEN’S PRISON MASSACRE (1983) – First women-in-prison film in the Scream Factory roster. Bonus points for being Italian-made.
2. BLOOD AND LACE (1971) – First time ever on a home entertainment format!
3. TROLL (1986) – Which will be paired with Troll 2 as a double feature.
4. GHOST STORY (1981)
5. THE GUARDIAN (1990) – From the Director of The Exorcist!
6. THE CAR (1977)
7. NIGHTMARES (1983)
9. GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: THE MOVIE (Collector’s Edition) (1987) – Not horror of course, but “gross” enough!
10. THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Collector’s Edition) (1985) – !!!

We have no details to report on this time other than that Death Becomes Her, Blood and Lace and Troll are slated for November 2015 street dates. The rest will roll-out in the months to follow with ROTLD likely releasing in Summer / Fall of 2016.”