Screambox: Horror Streaming Service

An all-you-can-kill menu of the most terrifying and widest range of horror programming from around the world

I always hate to call one service ‘like another’, but Netflix has pretty much swept the world off of it’s ‘stay in and watch a movie’ feet. That’s what you get when you look at Screambox; an all-horror streaming service so you can stay home and get too scared to ever go back out! That’s what it appears to be anyhow.

Pinhead Approved!

Currently, and I’m not sure if it’ll last forever or not, there’s a 30 day free trial that you can (and probably should if you’re a genre fan) sign up for. We intend to sign up and watch as much as our guts can take before doing a proper review of this ‘beta’ marked service. And since it is still infact in beta stages, also considering you may not have a proper device to stream it to your television (one could always use an app of browser), go in open minded and look more for the potential and less at the current level!

I have to admit, I figured it’d offer a lot of movies I’d never heard of but I was wrong; Hellraiser, The Evil Dead and Hatchet are among many others that are notable, well-known and/or cult favorites! A personal Asian horror favorite of mine, ‘Bloody Reunion’ is also available on there and a must-watch in my opinion!

They have a vision;

“With your help – to make Screambox the ultimate destination for horror movie fans.

Why? Because we need a place where we can revel in horror content the way it was meant to be consumed: no filters, no restrictions, no distractions. It’s that simple. A destination that celebrates, discusses, and indulges in your nightmares, your worst fears, and terror of the unknown. If you can handle the fear, if you’re not afraid to scream, then you’re one of us.

Think of Screambox as an all-you-can-kill menu of the most terrifying and widest range of horror programming from around the world. We have all-time classics, exciting new releases, and horror movies from Iceland, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Korea, Japan and Thailand.”

Here’s one horror fan hoping that it goes well for this service, I’ve been sad since FEARnet left my life and would love this to fill that gap! Kudos to you Screambox!

Let us know what you think!