Retro City Rampage DX also landed on PSP last year (I know, right!? 🙂 . If you own RCR:DX on PS4, PS3 and/or PS VITA / PSTV, it’s sitting in your Download List ready for ya! Check it out! That makes it officially 4X Cross Buy (4.5X if you count PSTV!).

If you own Retro City Rampage on PC / Mac / Linux, check the installation folder for an MS-DOS version 🙂 It includes an installer and fits on a single 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy disk! For more info on the MS-DOS version, check out this “Making of” development talk:

Finally, the first full trailer for ‘Shakedown: Hawaii’ dropped earlier this month. Head over to the link below for a complete rundown on its story, protagonist, and business acquisition metagame, plus the PS4 and PS Vita physical editions.