What the hell is Spookhouse Radio?

Why do it? Why hop into a sea of other shows? There are tons out there that are taking on horror, films, aliens and ghosts that it’s almost redundant to bother, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong! There’s always room for one more (innuendo)! And in a field such as this, there’s too much passion to just NOT do it. Everyone needs an outlet and these shows are some of ours.

I won’t promise you that we’re the most informed of shows at all times, I’ll never guarantee you that we won’t make you feel just a little dumber for having listened here and there but we’ll always do our best to put you in a good mood with our positivity, put a lot of ourselves into every episode and try to get you to interact with us!

The main reason we do Spookhouse Radio is to give the folks out there who have had experiences, or are even just curious about it, a place to come and share, just listen, and know they aren’t alone. We aren’t doing anything to be noble, we aren’t scientists or pretending to be authorities on the paranormal. We’re here to listen, to share, to try to entertain and, hopefully, spread a little knowledge and joy with others.

This isn’t business, it’s personal.

Now, who are we you ask?

We’re just huge paranormal and horror nuts. Meagan missed out on a lot but is finally getting caught up when it comes to the movies. You may ask why she’d want to do such a show then. Well, simple; she has grown to love the nastier side of cinema and is hungry for more! More horror and more truth to the paranormal. We all are. What that brings is different perspectives to the show instead of know-it-alls sitting around correcting each other about the minor details. Together, it makes for a pretty neat little team. Dale is huge into slashers and ghosts, Ryan loves gaming and is terrified of but craves knowledge of aliens and Meagan wonders what the hell lurks out there in the parts of the sky we can’t see. With a thirst for knowledge about the after-life, Bigfoot, and the rest of things that we haven’t yet been able to explain, we want to share our experiences and hear yours.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m just trying to convince you of something that I won’t be able to. Lets face it, the internet is like a bar where everyone is drunk and trying to one-up each other to win invisible points with lonely singles.. Point is, I’m not going to be able to convince you of anything so why don’t we just stop this back and forth we’ve been doing here, we’re only hurting each other, and all for what? Fire up an episode of the show and lets have a good time trying to piece together this puzzle!

Okay, for you number crunchers, solid math attributes right here!

Dale is often defined as a ‘leader’. No, it is not because he pays the website bill or jumps in line, no no, it’s because he marches to the beat of his own drum… Does that sound cool? I always thought it did when others said it. Eh, it’s sort of weird when you say it about yourself isn’t it? Okay, I’m an overthinker. I’m an elaborate rememberer who tries to figure out where things go wrong so I don’t do it again. I’ve had a few personal experiences with the paranormal that have left me wanting answers. I enjoy juice (Ecto-cooler, fruit punch), all things paranormal (Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness), horror movies (my favorite is Halloween), the heaviest of metals, the ramblingest rock n roll, games (board, card, vidya), boobies and making music. I have a pretty nice guitar collection that is growing!

Meagan is a self-described socially awkward penguin who loves Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones, Paranormal Witness and spacey stuff. By spacey, I don’t mean weird, I literally mean space. “What’s out there?” Meagan asks. We discuss it on the show a lot and it’s rarely intelligent. Anyway.. having only seen Alien, Predator and a slew of other classics fairly recently, she has some catching up to do. A few of her favorite horror movies are The Burning, The Visit, Motel Hell and Dark Water. Her point of view is often quite unique which makes her an interesting ingredient in the show.

Honorable Mentions

Todd is the resident ghost here at the Spookhouse. If you haven’t heard of him, you haven’t been listening. And if you haven’t been listening, you need to be! He’s a very nice little fellow though, no need to be scared, he just sort of hangs around and makes things weird.

You. Last but not least, there’s you. You make this all work, you make this all worthwhile. You’re always welcome, you’re family to us! Won’t you come share your stories and listen to ours? Won’t you be our neighbor?