Let me just say that I went into watching this thinking that it was going to be another typical teenagers get trapped and slashed kind of movie. I was, thankfully, wrong. It took a turn a good bit into it that I definitely never saw coming! I rented it thinking it wouldn’t be worth the ticket price of purchase but, again, I was wrong. I love you Redbox, thanks for letting me see it for a dollar!

As the synopsis tells us, friends go to a remote cabin in the woods trying to chill out and have a good time, but they definitely got WAY more than they bargained for. You’d expect maybe a backwoods deformed hick or a masked murdered, mad at the world, but that’s not exactly what you get.

You get zombies, monsters, killer clowns, fairies, mermen, ancient gods and more!

As they fight to stay alive, one by one as usual, they’re knocked off. The difference here is that they learn what’s going on with their world as they go (most of them). It’s really fun to see what’s going on overall. I never thought about it, it’s quite an original concept.

Think ‘Truman Show’ meets ‘Evil Dead-ish’

There’s really not a LOT to say about it other than I loved it and am already itching to watch it again. It’s worth seeing if you’re a horror fan at all, has a decent story, passable acting but a GREAT twist to bring you out of the rut you may feel you’re in with it. And hey, Thor’s in there for the ladies.