The latest WWE news (bullshit) comes from this past Monday’s RAW. I normally don’t take the time to write about wrestling but I feel like rights were trampled.

A group of fans show up dressed as legends of the WWF, which should be considered fun and flattering, but apparently some higher ups didn’t feel that way. These fans were pulled from their seats, told they have to change so as to not distract viewers and given a few free WWE t-shirts. If they didn’t abide, they were told they’d give their seats up. Wow, Vinnie, thanks for those free t-shirts (considering we each paid over a hundred bucks for front row seats). And as much as they might want to call it ‘asking fans to remove costumes’, they were given an ultimatum and that isn’t really asking.

Photo From Butters on Twitter:

What about that is considered acceptable? If the people in the audience, fully clothed and having fun with YOUR theme and some of YOUR wrestlers, are more interesting than the show you’re putting on, you have much bigger problems and they start at home.

Another big thing that came up was that they took away Daniel Bryan fan signs as people entered the building saying, “They already had enough”. Who the hell do they think they are to decide? Since when do football owners decide at football games when there are too many fans for any certain team? What trip is the WWE and their idiotic management on?

Another example, I remember watching WCW and WWF both on Monday night’s back during The Wars and I’d see different brand shirts and signs on opposing shows. It didn’t distract me, I just thought it was a dick move on their behalf but good that they had the ‘right’.

Another; Diva’s stroll around half-naked, sometimes even more-so with very sexual themes at times, and it’s completely fine for a ‘family show’ so long as it’s on the WWE stage, correct? Fans in the audience, though, don’t dare pay for a FRONT ROW seat and think you’re coming as the Macho Man, that’s completely unacceptable!

No, you know what’s unacceptable? Nearly everything the WWE is doing these days. The only positives I can think of is that they’ve finally given a few guys a shot and the WWE Network is priced well. They still blow it nearly every chance they get. Let me say that I’m not one of those who thinks the writers should write what I think because Daniel Bryan deserves it. I understand that if everything goes the way it should, there would be no surprise left. I’m just not happy that the surprise is usually Hunter and Stephanie, I feel certain that the ‘WWE Universe’, which I find a pretentious label, is over it. But hey, I can’t speak for everyone on that one.

Bottom line is, there’s not a whole lot of reason to watch the show anymore these days, I don’t feel like playing God with what people wear is the exactly what you should be focused on, executives, COO’s and all you other higher-ups. The real fans want the fun back, it used to feel ‘out of control’ and that’s what made the Attitude Era and the years before it so much fun.